Trojan Trackers

Fall Trojan Trackers!

Franklin Trojan Trackers is a fitness program, open to all students in Grades K-8.

The goal is to encourage the development of healthy fitness habits. Participants will have the opportunity to run/walk at their own pace around the track (weather permitting) from 8:00am before school. Schedule will be released soon. Mileage will be tracked. There is a built-in award schedule in which Trojan Trackers can earn charms.

How Does It Work?

There is NO FEE for TT. Each child MUST have a completed registration from to participate.

• Kids run three days a week. We run around the track Monday and Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8 a.m. All mileage counts! No practice on holidays or rainy days.

• There will be adult supervision at every training session.

• Every child is encouraged to do their best and train at their own level. THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION! Kids participating in TT will increase their endurance for soccer or other sports.

• Kids will receive a foot charm for every mile they run/walk and a high-five hand charm for every 5 miles.

• Be a great role model; join Trojan Trackers with your kids. See You At The Track! Please direct any questions to Parent Volunteers are encouraged.

Franklin Trojan Trackers is a fitness program NO COST TO JOIN!!